Why Project Management Software is the Backbone for SMBs

Importance of Project Management for SMBs

Oftentimes, small businesses owners wear many hats. They may be responsible for sales, marketing, accounting, and product development all at the same time. This can lead to chaos and a lack of focus if not properly managed. To succeed, SMBs need to implement systems that will help them manage their time and tasks more efficiently.

Why Not Just Use Google Docs?

Of course, project management software isn’t the only way to keep track of tasks. At one point or another, business owners may ask themselves why they should even bother with investing in project management tools when Google Docs is free.

Useful Features of Project Management Software

When looking for a PMS, it’s important to consider the features that are most important to you. Not all software is created equal and not every program will offer the same features.

Gantt Charts

This feature allows you to create a visual representation of your project. You can see what tasks need to be completed and when they are scheduled to be finished. This can be helpful in terms of spotting potential conflicts and ensuring that everything is on track.


Milestones allow you to mark specific points in your project that need to be reached. This can help you to stay focused and ensure that you are making progress.


PMS often comes with reporting features that allow you to track the progress of your project. This can be helpful in terms of measuring the success of your project and identifying areas that need improvement.

Time Tracking

PMS also often come with time tracking features. This allows you to see how long different tasks took to complete and identify which tasks are taking up too much time.



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