There’s More Options Than Ever Before When Building Your Tech Stack

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3 min readNov 4, 2021


The technology world is ever-changing with new concepts and advancements being made every day. Businesses that place an emphasis on their tech stack are more likely to succeed in this new age of technology. This is due to the fact that they can adapt more quickly instead of waiting around for someone else to solve problems or make improvements.

What is a Tech Stack?

You might find yourself asking, “What is a tech stack?”

It is the combination of hardware and software that makes up a company’s technology system, or it can be used to describe the various layers within their particular system. A tech stack includes components like web servers, databases, programming languages, and so forth.

Having a tech stack allows for your business to run more smoothly and efficiently. For instance, if you are looking to launch a new feature or product within your system but there is not enough capacity within your current stack; then you may need to build out another part of your stack.

What Developers Need to Consider When Developing Tech (Instant Apps, AI implementation, Cloud Deployment, and Coding Platform)

Each type of business will likely employ different tech stacks according to their needs. Some tech stacks may even be built around one particular product or service. When you are deciding which way to go, there are many things to consider like scalability, technical debt, engineering talent availability, and much more. That being said, there are some basic tools that can help any company, regardless of what industry they are in. Here are some things to keep in mind when developing your own tech stack.

AI Implementation

There are many different pieces that make up a system’s AI implementation, including companion chatbots and natural language processing (NLP). With this in mind, the scope of the project the company decides to take on should be well thought out because it involves a great deal of time and effort to do correctly.

Instant Apps

Instant apps might be something that your company is interested in, which would require you to find a development team with the skills necessary to turn this dream into a reality. This may also entail finding an experienced enterprise mobile architect who can develop a strategy for how this will work within your system.

Cloud Deployment

To deploy your cloud applications via containers or serverless options, then you might need to hire a DevOps specialist with experience working in these types of environments. For smaller companies, containers might not be something they want to take on — so hiring a developer who has expertise in only serverless technologies might suffice.

Coding Platforms

Coding platforms allow developers to build applications for your CRM (customer relationship management) system in order to increase sales productivity and effectiveness. The scope will vary depending on which areas of your business you want to improve upon with this coding platform.

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