Mobile Safety Apps for Universities, Events, and Offices

Types of Apps Made For Public Safety

Several different types of mobile app solutions for public safety can be applied for various situations.

Personal Safety App

The most common type is the personal safety app. These apps allow users to quickly and easily contact emergency services if they need help. Some of the most popular personal safety apps include bSafe, React Mobile, and Watch Over Me.

Public Safety App

Another type is the public safety app, which allows users to report crimes or emergencies that are happening around them. Users can also use these apps to receive alerts about hazards or dangers in their area. Some popular public safety apps include Companion, Citizen, and Watch Over Me.

Emergency Management Apps

These are similar to public safety apps in that they can be used to report emergencies. However, emergency management apps are designed for local public safety agencies and organizations. Some of the most popular ones include Rave Guardian and Companion.

University Safety Apps

Along with personal safety apps, universities are turning to other types of mobile safety apps for helping their students stay safe. Some of the most popular apps include Campus Guardian, Companion, and University Guardian.



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