Complete Guide to Building a Minimum Viable Product

Examples of MVPs

  • A social media application: The MVP in this case would be the bare minimum to get that app launched and in the hands of customers, and get a decent amount of users to start playing around with the app and interacting with others.
  • Basic website: A website with a few links, pictures and some information is building something minimal. The idea behind building it this way is so that you don’t have to spend too much time working with the complex features involved in a good website. You can launch the site to your customers and adjust from there on their likes, dislikes and what they want to see for easy navigation and more.
  • A file-sharing or file creation application: A simple application, whether its web or mobile, where you can upload documents, create docs and files, enter information, share data files, and a place where you can manage that content is building an MVP.

How to Create an MVP Step-by-Step

Step #1 : Know the Problem

Step #2 : Understand Your Customer’s Needs and Wants

Step #3 : Identify Your Key Features

Step #4 : Define Your MVP

Step #5 : Build Your Minimum Viable Product

Step #6 : Test the MVP Out



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