8 Benefits of Retail Mobile Apps, And Why They Are Especially Beneficial During the Holiday Season

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3 min readDec 17, 2021

Now that the holiday shopping season has officially begun, it is important to ensure that merchants are making every attempt possible to meet consumer demand by offering an amazing customer experience. Mobile apps designed for retail offer numerous benefits that can improve the buying process and foster customer loyalty; therefore, they are especially beneficial during this busy time of year.

The Essential Features of a Retail Mobile App

Before discussing the benefits of retail mobile apps, it is important to first outline the essential retail mobile app features that all such apps should include.

#1: Interaction is Key

Interaction with customers must be a priority for retailers if they want to stay competitive. Mobile apps enhance this interaction by providing users the ability to easily connect with merchants through social media channels, send them messages, and contact customer service quickly when problems arise.

#2: Easy Navigation + Personalization

In addition to interaction, mobile apps should also offer users easy navigation that makes it possible for them to quickly find what they are looking for. Furthermore, retailers should utilize data analytics to gain insight into the needs of their customers and use this information to personalize app experiences, which helps foster loyalty.

#3: Location-Based Services

Another essential feature of retail mobile apps is the ability to use location-based services. This allows customers to find nearby stores, receive real-time alerts about sales and promotions, and even make direct purchases from their phones.

8 Benefits of Mobile Apps for Retailers During the Holiday Season

Now that the essential features of retail mobile apps have been outlined, it is time to explore the benefits they offer during the holiday season.

#1: Boost Sales

By offering a mobile app that provides consumers enhanced customer service and valuable promotional information, retailers can boost sales significantly. For example, by using location-based services to send coupons and remind them of upcoming sale events, you can easily drive traffic to your store or website.

#2: Better Utilization of Social Media

The holiday shopping season is an excellent time to give your social media channels a boost. By including these features in retail mobile apps, you can take advantage of the excitement surrounding the holidays and use it to attract new customers.

#3: Enhanced Customer Support

As mentioned above, retailers need to provide excellent customer support through their mobile apps. This can be done by providing a variety of ways for customers to connect with your company, including social media, messaging, and phone support.

#4: Increased Visibility

One of the best things about retail mobile apps is that they offer increased visibility to customers. This is due to the enhanced social media integration mentioned above, as well as by offering customers quick and easy access to sales and other promotions.

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